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Willis professionals are skilled and experienced in a wide range of industries and services.

From Aerospace to the Utilities industry, Willis has more than 17,000 dedicated Associates throughout the world. They are highly trained and knowledgeable in their particular area of operation, and work closely with clients to develop optimal risk management solutions.

The Willis Group is one of the world's largest professional services firms specializing in risk management. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable employees provide a wide range of strategic and operational risk management services across all industries, worldwide.

Risk Management Consulting Services

Willis Group, as a leading global insurance broker and risk management company, is the insurance and risk management partner of many enterprises. The provision of professional risk management consulting service is our constant customer service philosophy. Chinese enterprises, especially large corporate Groups have increasingly high requirements for risk management. For such companies Willis has drawn on its experience of local and overseas enterprises, adapted to the special circumstances of Chinese customers, to develop a brand new, market-leading model of risk management consulting service.

The professional Willis risk management consulting team will address the following five common concerns of customers through a one-stop risk management consulting service:

- What are the main risks faced by my company and what are their possible consequences?
- Is the current risk control efficient? Is there any way to get improved?
- Is my current insurance effective and how could it be implemented?
- What kind of sustainable risk management mechanism do I need?
- How many resources do I need to commit to risk management?

Through our one-stop risk management consulting service, the enterprise will be able to:

- Be clear about the enterprise’s current comprehensive risks, identify significant risks and quantify the financial impact.
- Develop a scientific and effective risk control plan.
- Take advantage of the wide insurance market resources and professional insurance analtyical capabilities of Willis to realize the most efficient risk transfer.
- Achieve a standardized risk management system, professionalization of service, transparency of information, increase in risk management efficiency.
- Understand the total cost of insurable risks; control the integrative devotion of insurable risks and long-term insurance devotion effectively and reasonably.

Insurance broker services

Willis’ insurance brokerage service covers the process of program design, inquiries and insurance bidding, insurance arrangements, daily service, loss prevention, claims processing and service assessments.

Insurance program design – based on the underwriting report after risk prospecting, Willis will write a draft insurance proposal based on the complete, detailed information, claims information and risk information on the existing policy provided by enterprises. The content includes: current review and proposal of insurance arrangements, proposal of insurance coverage etc. The insurance program proposed by Willis must be the most appropriate to your company. The program design not only needs to attract insurer to make an insurance commitment, but also reflect the challenges probably meet on settling the insurance project.

Inquiries or insurance bidding - Willis consults clients on bid invitations, bidding plans, strategies and schedules, etc. in advance and produces the final version. The decision of insurance bidding will be made by customers. Willis will organize and coordinate the bidding process, including: initially screening the candidate list of insurance companies and organize evaluation team to discuss and finalise the evaluation criteria.

Daily service - Willis provides continuous service and answers to customers’ questions; we manage daily insurance issues and offer policy advice; we negotiate changes to policy terms as required; we issue an insurance manual and; assist clients to establish a process for handling insurance issues.

Loss prevention – Willis develops, supports and implements protection programs for health, safety and property, including on-site loss prevention activities and all aspects of training.

Claims processing - Willis helps customers give notice of claim to insurers and meets with customers and insurers to negotiate with third-parties to ensure the provision of timely and high quality insurance claims processing services to customers.

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