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Willis professionals are skilled and experienced in a wide range of industries and services.

From Aerospace to the Utilities industry, Willis has more than 17,000 dedicated Associates throughout the world. They are highly trained and knowledgeable in their particular area of operation, and work closely with clients to develop optimal risk management solutions.

The Willis Group is one of the world's largest professional services firms specializing in risk management. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable employees provide a wide range of strategic and operational risk management services across all industries, worldwide.

Below are details of our Insurance Broker Services.


Willis provides insurance services such as aviation hull all risks and liability, airport liability, aviation product liability, aviation repairer’s liability, satellite launch and in-orbit insurance, and pilot loss of license. Meanwhile, we offer market monitoring, intelligence and update, claims management, loss control, contract review and advice.


We specialise in industries such as manufacturing, transportation and warehousing of raw materials and finished goods; own, lease and rental ship industry; port and terminal operators; ship builders and repairers; and any transportation risks, in which we provide our insurance service including marine hull insurance, protection and indemnity, ship building risk, marine liability and cargo insurance.

Willis Marine is the largest marine insurance broker team in China, based in Shanghai, with dedicated staff in Beijing, Hong Kong and Dalian. In addition, the team has access to international reinsurance and technical support from London, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Through research and analysis of risk exposures in various industries, Willis Corporate Department has formulated its core industry-focused and customer-oriented risk management strategy. Corporate Department has been dedicated to customize risk transfer and insurance solutions, in order to help large and medium sized clients avoid, manage or mitigate their risks. Our key competence includes, but is not limited to the following industries: manufacturing, solar power and PV modules, jewellery, hotels and leisure, real estate, life sciences, transportation, sports events and exhibitions.


We develop and implement affinity programs, where insurance products such as property, liability, etc. are sold through an intermediary sponsor to their customers on the basis of a master program framework and standardized procedures. In addition, we focus on developing bespoke insurance solutions that meet the needs of and add value to the sponsor’s business. We are experienced in offering insurance solutions in the areas of machinery and equipment leasing, automobile dealership, home appliance and accessories retailers, etc.

Employee Benefits

A package of employee benefits programs and related services are offered to large and medium sized domestic and international companies in China. Services include benefits advice, staff training, benefits plan design and insurance broking, etc. Through our professional services, our clients can effectively control the overall benefits cost, reduce the administrative workload of their HR division, better retain talents and ultimately execute the overall HR strategy.

Financial & Executive Risks

Willis offers professional insurance and risk management advice and support for directors and officers of companies, and other professionals, such as auditors, accountants, lawyers, educators and doctors etc. As well as our service offering in Directors & Officers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance, etc, we provide benchmarking and market knowledge, global D&O quarterly reports and market intelligence and an efficient claims practice.

Energy and Utilities

Willis makes full use of the support of Energy insurance experts throughout Asia and worldwide to provide services for domestic and international firms that are engaged in oil/gas exploration, development, production and refining, petrochemical, chemical, liquefied natural gas and onshore/offshore exploration and production. Services include design and selection of insurance program, underwriting strategy and placement, claims management and loss control, risk transfer and risk management, market monitoring and intelligence, contract review and recommendations, energy loss database, project finance review, captive company management, and professional training.

Also, a deep understanding of the risks of electricity, water, gas and other utilities enable us meet the special risk management requirements of our customers in this segment.


Willis offers professional services for contractors, owners and professionals in the construction industry and project finance aspects, including the design of competitive insurance and risk management programs, insurance placement of construction and erection all risks, workers compensation, delay in start up, professional liability, etc. Willis then fully implements the comprehensive insurance and risk management program for our clients.

China Investment Overseas

Willis provides services which cover risk management consulting, design, implementation and management of global insurance programs, professional insurance/reinsurance placement and consultancy on overseas projects, daily administration and claims management for Chinese corporations with investment abroad. Willis’ extensive global network enables us to serve our clients wherever they are.


Willis, as one of the world's leading reinsurance brokers, has consistently provided services to insurance companies and clients enabling them to achieve better solutions and make better reinsurance decisions for over 100 years.

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