Willis and Towers Watson have merged. Visit willistowerswatson.com

Willis Group

January 2016, Willis Group and Towers Watson merged into one company – Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson has 39,000 employees in 120+ countries. We are an integrated advisory, broking and solutions company organized around four business segments designed to meet our clients’ risk and people needs. Willis Towers Watson has 1,300 employees in 35 offices in Greater China, including 700 employees in 29 offices in Mainland China.

Willis Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.

Willis Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Willis Group and has its headquarters in Shanghai. By developing the service concepts of insurance broking, risk assessment and control, and insurance management consulting, Willis China strives to be the best possible insurance and risk management partner.

Based on this foundation and taking advantage of the Group’s worldwide resources and Willis China’s network of 22 offices employing over 400 insurance broking specialists, we are able to deliver first class insurance and risk management consultancy to enterprises in China.

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